Modeling & Portrait Info

******************************************INFO ON WORKING WITH ME.*****************************

Hi there I thought I would add some info and ideas to think about when setting up a studio or photography session with me.

I’m interested in TradeForPrint as of now, so its totally free!

You can use any of the images for yourself. I will even retouch a few for you so you have a few great shots to show online. If you want or need prints, I will only charge the cost of the ink and paper.

I want to test my new studio, start new projects and portfolio build, now that I finally have the new space.

Usually I ask that you bring a few changes of clothes that you would like to be photographed in. I know some people like to go shopping and return later..
Solid colours work best, but think about anything thats too busy with lines or patterns.

Shooting with me usually takes a minimum of 2+ hours depending on time. I like to shoot a few different “looks”, with some brakes in-between to change up, and at the end to review the images. I usually shoot on grey or white backgrounds, and I love close-ups of the face.

Guys, you might like to arrive with a scruffy facial hair, shave, and get shots of both looks. 😉

Make-up is Important for a great photograph and should not be overlooked!

Right now I’m looking around for great make-up artists to recommend to my clients.

Girls, If I can get somebody to do hair or make up its free. If not, Some people do it themselves if their able to or, go get a “make-up treatment” at the mall before they arrive. Often they have free make-up booths at MicMac or somewhere similar.  I don’t often like to shoot girls without it.

After a week or so I’ll send you a list of our favourites to retouch. Retouching may take from a few days to a few weeks depending on my schedule.

Nothing is more important to me than getting you the photograph you need!
Im busy & your busy.
I don’t like to waste the time of anybody!
Please do the same and contact me if you have to cancel as soon as you can so I can try to reclaim the day. 😉